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Connery (Rank Boost | Rank Diamond 5 to Grandmaster) on 11/02/2017
Had no issues whatsoever, 2 boosters + me and we got GM, it wasn't easy but we made it. :)
GG (Rank Boost | Rank Diamond 3 to Master) on 11/02/2017
Completed in 2 days, buying more
Chris (Rank Boost | Rank Silver 5 to Silver 4) on 03/02/2017
Good job, but it was a little rocky to begin with, but if you had more smurf accounts with plat or less mmr as opposed to playing on master mmr it would certainly help speed up time for duo q TL. Booster was polite and friendly. Thanks, and I will probably buy more tiers in the near future. Marko did good.
(Placement Boost | 3 Games) on 20/01/2017
Ace (Rank Boost | Rank Gold 1 to Platinum 5) on 15/01/2017
Had some rough games to start with, but got finished with my order. Will do business in the future.
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