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DMW (Placement Boost | 10 Games) on 19/01/2017
Got Placements boosted by Haze. Went 8-2. Awesome job by him, done in one evening. Couldnt be happier, will order again.
roby2day (Rank Boost | Rank Gold 4 to Gold 3) on 17/01/2017
fast boosting, excelent support from the boster, i recomand Haze
flo (Rank Boost | Rank Gold 5 to Gold 4) on 13/01/2017
awesome work love it thanks heaps
flo (Rank Boost | Rank Silver 2 to Gold 5) on 12/01/2017
super fast only lost 1 game was done in a few hours
hm (Placement Boost | 3 Games) on 11/01/2017
thanks heaps was fast :)
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You’re tired of being stuck in your rank by now, drifting a division up and down? Getting low winrate in Placement Matches every season? We hear you. Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard’s take on the extremely popular MOBA genre, with some twists compared to League of Legends and DotA. On the first hand game seems easy enough to master, there are no items or gold (except in the Blackheart’s Bay if you know what we mean :) and all experience is shared, meaning the game is much more teamwork oriented, still in the higher levels of competitive play the game truly pushes to boundaries of individual mechanics combined with joint teamwork.

At higher ranks expect the unexpectable, you will meet some extremely good players, including Boosting Factory’s Heroes of the Storm boost employees that have dedicated hours and hours into mastering their heroes and the game, don’t expect this to be easy and fast. If you do not have the time, or feel dragged by your team, there is a great second option – hiring us to do it for you. What do we do? In short, we provide HotS boost service to our clients who are for numerous reasons unable to reach desired rank at this moment. These services are performed by professional gamers who have been playing Heroes of the Storm since it’s initial version Alpha.

We completely understand that many people just do not have the time or do not wish to spare so much of their life just to reach the ranks they likely actually deserve. We’ve all been there, you sometimes just cannot play games all day. You might be studying, working, having fun with your girlfriend, or friends. HotS punishes people for not playing a lot – the principle is simple. The game is designed to force you into 50-55% win rate if you’re a good player, that means you sometimes need to play hundreds of games in order to reach the rank you deserve, that’s a lot of time.

This is where we hop in, our HotS boost team is made of professionals who dedicate a lot of their time to playing. We’re able to reach any ranks you wish, all the way up to Grandmaster. You do not need to worry about your server region, we have professionals in all three regions, Europe, Americas and Asia.

We also offer a HotS Coaching service where you can hire our professional coaches to teach you how to get better at Heroes of the Storm. If you’re more interested into learning on your own, check out our column on How To Get Better At HotS.

Regularly check out Blog in order to grab free HotS guides and gameplay articles made purely by our professional HotS boost employees.

Our service is custom built around a client with a busy schedule, all you need to do is checkout, enter your info and track your progress in our members area, you can also chat with your professional at any time in order for him to inform you about your purchased HotS boost progress. We know it sucks not knowing what’s going on and that’s why we made this area for you to feel secure.

Regardless of the hero you play the most, from Jaina to Lost Vikings, we’re here to assist you in Heroes of the Storm. There is no order hard enough for us, bring it to us and we’ll get it done.

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